Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ugandans leading Ugandans!

Thank you for your partnership with us in the work that has been taking place in the village of Naigobya, Uganda!

We started handing over this ministry to the Ugandans almost a year ago.

Let us reassure you that the ministry in Naigobya, the Afayo Project is in good hands with our coworker Simon now directing and overseeing the key people we left in place to run specific ministries. 

  • The school is running well with key leadership in place and a strong management committee  
  • Pastors are leading in the Truth
  • Bible Studies are continuing with Godly leaders in place. 
  • Women's beading crafts continue and are being sold in local markets
  • The sewing ladies are employed thru 2018 making Pads to distribute to area school girls 

We left enough money in the Afayo Budget to support Simon and these ministries until the end of 2018.  We will continue to be a part of Naigobya to encourage Simon and the community through bimonthly phone calls and emails.   At the end of 2018 Simon and the women's ministries should be able to switch from handing out feminine products to starting micro businesses.  If we can raise enough additional support we plan on making a trip back to Naigobya, Uganda sometime in the end of 2018 to check on the progress and to again love on our family there.

We feel so blessed to have been placed in Naigobya and were a part of God's Amazing Love and plan for this community!  He transformed this village and gave them His Love and a Hope!  Please continue to lift this community up in Prayer with us as they continue to walk in the new life they have found in Christ.  God's not Finished with Naigobya yet! Nor with us as we move to the Dominican Republic to minister to the lost there.  

We love you Naigobya!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

March Ministry

The most exciting part of the month was the launch of the PADS!  It has been a work in progress for the sewing ladies for almost a whole year.  They have worked very hard sewing and preparing Pad Packets for girls in the community.  The ladies and Janine presented to St. Paul’s Primary School and 3 other area village schools teaching girls how special they are to God, feminine hygiene and how to care for their bodies.  Then each girl was given a Pad Packet.  Over 200 girls were educated and given this gift!  To many in the US this is an embarrassing subject and you might think “big deal” just go buy those monthly supplies.  In the villages there are no supplies or stores and if there were they couldn’t afford them. So, to these village girls it is a life changer!  They now have a product that allows them to attend school EVERY day, even on Those days.

This Project has kept 5 ladies employed, blessed over 200 girls and will continue employing, producing and preparing for next March 2018’s Pad give away.  Their goal is to double what was given this year.  Even though we will be gone, this project is fully funded, and we will continue communications with Simon each month helping him and them if needed.  Beyond mid 2018 the ladies will turn this into a profitable, sustainable business.  They will continue educating girls and providing them a way to “Stay in school.”

Thursday, March 30th was our last trip out to the village for Bible Studies. Thank you for your prayers for All of us as we said our goodbyes!  It was an Awesome, Special day! And, No tears! We celebrated, danced, sang and laughed together.  The men and women were sent off with a charge to continue to preach/teach and share the Gospel.  They were reminded that material gifts will eventually be destroyed, but the Word of God and their faith and trust in Jesus is the “Gift” that is Eternal.  

As the festivities were ending and last hugs, and send offs began, each lady came and placed their hand on my heart, a sweet symbol of placing themselves in my heart to never forget them.  Even though we never learned the language well enough to communicate beyond greetings, God knew how to overcome that barrier and communicate His truth and Love.

We know God is not finished with this village yet.  He has them in his hand and will continue the work He started.  We feel so blessed to have been a part of God’s plans in Niagobya! We are excited for Naigobya and the future God has for them.  We hope to return sometime near the end of  2018 and see what God is doing with these people he Loves.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:6

January Ministy Happenings

We want to thank you for your generosity!  A friend from home has funded the building of a medium size chicken house.  This house will be used to raise chickens from approximately 1 pound in weight.  They will be kept until they reach approximately 3 to 4 pounds in weight to resell them at a profit.  We will also look into selling eggs.  We will stick with which ever is most profitable.  The profits will go towards buying more chickens, food and the caretaker.  The rest will be given to St. Paul’S Learning Centre for Orphan Scholarships.  We started with 120 chickens and will increase in number each 3 months when they are sold. Sustainability!

We have completed the Pastoral Training!!  The training ended the second week of December.  The last two classes were Pastoral Leadership and Church Planting.  The men worked so hard all year and were very dedicated in attendance and in their working to complete the class and the field assignments.  We started with 7 and ended with 5.  We are so proud of them for what they have accomplished and for their willingness to serve God in growing the kingdom of Heaven.

The training was independent of the Church of Uganda, but we worked in partnership with the leadership of the Church of Uganda.  Bruce worked with Reverend George Mpande from the Busoga University through out the year to let him know what he was teaching and how the training was going.  It was very important to the men to have George sign their Certificate.  George attended the ceremony and celebrated with them as they received their certificates.
These men now know how important it is for them to share their training with others.  Not all trainees will become pastors, but all who are trained will learn the responsibility of making disciples and multiplying leaders and churches.