Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New LIfe

Kids raising their hands as a sign of affirmation that they had given their hearts to Jesus.
So much of what we are doing now is preparation work; tilling the soil for a harvest in the future.  But sometimes God surprises us, reminding us that when we are faithful, amazing things can happen even today!  That's what happened to us on two very special nights between Christmas and New Year's Day.  We had planned to have some fun with the St. Paul kids and the people of the community.  We decided that we would show the movie "The Nativity" on one night, and then follow up with a Christmas party for the kids (games, gifts, baseball, lunch, and cake), finishing with "The Jesus Film for Children."  On the first night, after we showed the film and gave an invitation, three young men from the community came forward to receive Christ.  The next night, after the party and the film, over fifty St. Paul students came forward to receive Christ after hearing an explanation of the gospel and an invitation from our co-worker Simon.  What a blessing it was to see these young people give their hearts to the Lord!  Please pray for us as we develop follow up methods to help the kids grow in their new faith.

St. Paul students enjoying a game of Bingo at the Christmas Party.
Stacy, Mark, and Headmaster Patrick enjoy a lunch of beans and rice (without forks!)
Gabe helps out with Bingo.
Stacy and two St. Paul students.
Stacy gives out Chapatis at the Christmas lunch.
Gabe and his new fiance Alyssa.  They got engaged while visiting us in Uganda!

It's a New Year.  We at Afayo are thankful for what God has done for us and the people of Naigobya in 2012.  But nothing makes us happier than the New Life that so many received this past week.  We give thanks to God for the Good News of Jesus Christ and its life changing impact on each one of us. May each one of us do our part, wherever God has placed us, to make that new life available to those around us in the coming new year.

For more photos of our Christmas party in Naigobya, click here.