Friday, February 15, 2013

Orphan Scholarship Fund

I'll be the first to admit that numbers can be deceiving, but here are some numbers that don't lie:

55, 220, and 65.

55 is the number of students at St. Paul Primary School during the last term of 2012.  

220 is the number of students currently enrolled in and attending St. Paul in the first term of the 2013 school year.  That's a four fold increase, for which we were not fully prepared!  

65 is the number of orphans among those 220 students.

God is clearly doing something.  55 to 220 is a significant jump!  But how about 0 to 65 in one term!  That is the change in the number of orphans from term 3 of 2012 to term 1 of 2013.  Yes, God is doing something!  But what about us?  We are doing everything we can to help the school deal with this growth, but honestly, more resources are needed!  We need more desks, more materials and supplies, and eventually more classrooms!

The average tuition for a year for one student at St. Paul is only about $35.  That's per year, not per month!  But many children in the community cannot afford even this small amount.  Orphans almost assuredly do not have the ability to pay!

Will you help orphans of the Naigobya community receive the education they so desperately desire and deserve?  A gift of just $35 will pay for their education for an entire year!  Your gift will help us to build those much needed desks, buy materials and supplies, and someday build more classrooms. 

Click here if you want to help these children!  Designate your gift for Afayo and the Orphan Scholarship Fund.  Your gift will make a huge difference!

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