Friday, March 29, 2013

Servant Leadership under a Jackfruit Tree

A Jackfruit tree? What’s that?  It’s a tree that produces a large, sweet and very popular fruit. There are many here in Uganda. In fact, there is one right across from our village home in Naigobya.  Our Ladies’ Bible Study meets under the Jackfruit tree Tuesday’s at 2:00.  Recently, we had the privilege of having Mark’s sister Cindy and Kelsey’s mom Sandy come for a visit.  While they were here, we wanted to bless the women of our Bible Study, to show them how much God loved each of them, and how much we wanted to serve them.  As we sat under the large shady Jackfruit tree,  Cindy and Sandy each gave a testimony of God’s love and faithfulness in their lives.  I (Stacy) talked about how Jesus washed His disciples’ feet as an act of service and as an example for how we must serve others.  With great excitement we began to unpack our water basins, soap, towels, lotion and nail polishes.  I held back tears of joy as I listened to the ladies sing, clap, and dance for joy at what we were about to do.  Imagine these feet we were about to wash!  Dusty, dirty feet that walk without shoes, feet that travel long distances on rocky dirt roads, feet that work in the garden, feet that carry heavy jugs of water, feet that get very little care.  Many had sores and toenails that were disfigured.  Most of these poor feet have been through some pretty rough times.  We were able to humble ourselves and wash these ladies’ feet with tender loving care.  We prayed for these women while we washed and rubbed their precious feet with lotion, and painted their toenails and fingernails.  We know they felt not only our love but God’s love as well.  It was an amazing experience, one of the many moments that make us so thankful to the Lord that we have the privilege of being  here serving the least of these in Naigobya!

Stacy listens as Gloria reads the passage in Lusoga

Everyone gathered for the Bible study
Kelsey, Cindy, Sandy, and Stacy washing feet
Stacy putting lotion on Gloria's leg
Making the toenails look pretty!