Friday, August 30, 2013

Mission Network News features The Afayo Project

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What? Summer's Over? That means it's time to return to Uganda!

Near Mark's brother's home in Darby, Montana

It seems like just a few days ago that we arrived in Michigan!  That was mid-June, and believe it or not, our brief stay is almost over.  We fly out of Chicago on September 4, arriving in Uganda on the morning of the 6th.  Before we get on the plane next week, we thought it might be good to update you a bit on our summer adventures!

  • We made direct contact with eight churches, sharing the ministry of Afayo, and more importantly, what God is doing in Naigobya.  It was exciting to share personally in these churches!  
  • We were able to make contact with countless friends, family members, and supporters all around the country.  While tiring, these meetings are encouraging to us and are worth all the effort!  (If we didn't get to see you this summer, we are sorry!  Please let us know and we will make every effort to see you next summer!)
  • We traveled to St. Louis, MO, Colorado Springs and Denver, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, Darby, MT, and Eau Claire, WI on a month long road trip.  To help make the trip a little more exciting for Janae and Adelynn, we even made a few stops at amusement parks and pools.  During the trip we made many new contacts and renewed some old ones.  
  • We were able to promote Afayo's Orphan Scholarship Fund, which helps cover tuition and general education costs for the more than 70 orphans attending St. Paul Primary School.  As of today, with both individuals and churches responding, we have enough money pledged to cover education costs for over 70 kids for the rest of the 2013 school year, and a significant part of the 2014 school year!  Praise God!! (As our funds increase, we can include even more orphans and needy children in the scholarship program, so if God is leading you to give toward this exciting project, please do!!  Designate gifts for The Afayo Project: Orphan Scholarship Fund.  Remember - just $50 will provide an entire's year's education for a child in Naigobya!)
  • We have received a recent pledge of support from a local Muskegon area business to cover the expected costs of our first classroom building ($5000 to $6000)!  After this first classroom is completed and all the costs have been figured, we hope to begin raising money to build the next nine classrooms, one at a time.  We are praying for individuals, businesses, and churches to help make this dream a reality, and to help to significantly improve the quality of education for the kids at St. Paul Primary School!
  • We received many new resources for teaching and training in Naigobya.  Who would have thought that a flannel graph would still be useful!
  • We were blessed to be able to spend the summer in the mission home of Fellowship Bible Church in Grand Haven, MI.  Thank you to Pastor Kelvin and the entire church for making the home available to us!
  • In early July our family expanded!  Gabe was married to the very wonderful Alyssa Welch (of Fremont).  We are thrilled to have a new daughter-in-law, and even more thrilled that Gabe now has someone to take care of him!!  Gabe will be doing his student teaching in Fremont this fall.
  • We have two prayer requests as we prepare to leave.  First, our housing situation in Kaliro is a bit uncertain at this time.  Without going into all the details, it is clear that our house will not be ready for some time yet, which means we will be staying in a much smaller apartment.  While we are thankful for this provision, we also pray that our house will be ready soon!  Second, the Afayo team is growing!  We would appreciate your prayers as we take on the responsibility of serving as team leaders for the Afayo Project.  We are excited about it, but also know that this will add a whole other dimension to our work!
As we head back to Uganda, we could not be more excited about what we believe God has in store for this ministry!  Thank you for being a part of what He is doing there!  We consider it a privilege to serve Him in Naigobya, and we greatly appreciate your partnership with us!  

For the Least of These,

PS.  Here are a few more pictures from our summer travels!
In the St. Louis Gateway Arch...

Janae driving Uncle Steve's tractor in Montana.

Adelynn and cousin Claire on the beach near Maranatha.

Stacy, Adelynn, and Janae outside the Arch.