Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome to Kaliro!

It's hard to believe that we have been back in Uganda now for over a month!  We've been busy getting settled in Kaliro and picking up with our ministry in Naigobya where we left off last June.  In the coming months we'll have much more to say about what is happening in Naigobya, but for today I thought I would show you our new hometown, Kaliro.  Kaliro is about 70 km from Jinja on a decent paved road.  You can find Kaliro here on Google maps.  We are about 20 km from Naigobya (follow Luzinga road).

Kaliro Post Office.  We have a post office box, but no key yet...

The main road that runs through Kaliro.  Motorcycle and bicycle
taxis are abundant.

Another view of the main road through town.

Need to get your suit dry cleaned?  I'm sure Caesar will do a great job!

This looks like a quiet street corner, right? But each evening...
Vendors selling all types of food make it their business home!
Making local donuts, called mandazis.
Beef, goat, or chicken on a stick.  Your choice!

Selling fruits and vegetables on a corner near our house.
A local shoe salesman.
Market street...
Our street.  I'm sure it has a name, but I don't know what it is yet!

Our house.  Simon and his family live behind the gray doors to the left.
Our gate is down the corridor to the left of the building, behind the wheelbarrow.

Our front gate!

Inside the door are five apartments.  Two have been combined for us,  Luke and Chanley 
share another, Courtney has one, and the last one serves as a guestroom until the 
Cokers arrive.  Oh, our two labs have made themselves at home too!

Our big happy family!  Simon and wife Doreen (far left), with their kids, Courtney (far right), Luke and Chanley (just to Courtney's right), Chris and Michelle Fisher and kids (who will be joining us in November), and the four Luckeys.