Monday, January 20, 2014

Harriet the Co-Wife

Meet Harriet

Harriet is the first wife of a village man in Naigobya.  Her co-wife passed away in November while giving birth to her husband’s baby.  The husband placed the newborn baby in Harriet’s arms and said “you take care of my dead wife’s baby.”

What is Harriet to do?  She is a poverty stricken woman, struggling to care of her seven little ones. There is no money for even the necessities of life. Food, firewood for cooking, medical care, school fees, soap, clothing....  Where are these crucial provisions to come from?   This baby means more work for Harriet and even less resources available for her own seven children.

                                       There are many ways that one might respond to this:

I am angry and jealous!

Why wasn’t I good enough for you? 

Why did you have to seek out another wife?

How can I love this baby that was conceived from you and your second wife?

Give the baby to your mother!

How can I take the little that we have away from our malnourished children to care for your dead wife’s baby?

How could you do this to me?

We had the privilege of being able to meet and help Harriet.  She is an amazing woman!  She willingly and lovingly took this baby into her arms, nursing her for 2 months.  When her milk ran dry we stepped in to help.  Afayo was able to purchase formula and bottles for this little baby girl.
We were blessed by Harriet's ability to accept the responsibility to care for this child. It was a privilege to pray for her and encourage her.  Afayo will be keeping up with this family to strengthen them to weather the storm that has come their way.

        Please pray for Harriet and her (now) 8 children.

  • When a mother dies in childbirth, it’s very common for the baby to die within the first few months.  The child is given cow’s milk (if they can afford it) which doesn't have the proper nutrition to keep the baby from getting the many diseases that often strike a newborn out in the village.
  • Often the co-wife will reject and mistreat her husband’s other children.
  • A can of formula costs more than most families in Naigobya make in one month.  That would be like the average American spending over $3,000 on ONE can of formula!

We believe that with the help of our Afayo team here on the ground and those of you in America, these orphan babies can have a chance at life.

Would you be interested in helping us purchase or donate much needed formula for babies whose mothers have died?  

A can of formula lasts about 4 days and costs $12 in Uganda.  If you are interested in helping, please click on either button to the left.  Designate your gift for the Afayo Project: Baby Formula.

If you are interested in donating formula please e-mail us at or We have a container coming out in the next six months, and cans of formula could be easily shipped to Uganda!

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