Saturday, February 15, 2014

Out of Room

I love the African spirit of making due when resources are limited and space is tight.  The population of St. Paul Primary School has exploded in the past week, reaching 306 children, with more on the way.
The 10' x 12' classroom above had almost 40 kids packed in at the beginning of the week, and eventually grew to a point where the teacher had no place to stand.  Then more kids came, and the class size reached 54!  This same dilemma was repeated in several other classes in the school.  Many teachers I know would have thrown in the towel at that point, waving a white flag all the way to the picket line! But not the staff of St. Paul Primary School!  They did what comes naturally to them - they found a way!

And so the Primary 4 class moved under the Mango tree, desks and all, and continued their studies without a word of complaint!

But while a Mango tree provides wonderful protection from the sun, we can't escape the fact that the rainy season will soon be upon us, and it will be impossible to carry on consistent education without a roof and a clean floor.

How can this problem be solved? Simple: new classrooms!

Through two generous donations, we were able to construct the foundation for the first five classrooms (at least ten will be needed), and begin construction of the first classroom (above).  But one classroom will simply not be enough!  Would you like to help us build a classroom (or two or three!)? St. Paul Primary School has pledged to provide the bricks for each classroom, but more materials are needed. For only $7000 a classroom can be built that will greatly help us provide a quality education for the children in the Naigobya community.  If you'd like to help, please visit our Current Needs page. Designate all gifts for Afayo Classroom Construction.  And remember: you don't have to build an entire classroom!  Any size gift will help the construction move along!

Your gift will help so much in providing a better life, both physically and spiritually, to the children of St. Paul Primary School!  Our teachers are willing to do whatever it takes to help these kids, even moving their classes under a Mango tree!  Now it's up to us to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and to help them take education at St. Paul's to a the next level!