Saturday, October 24, 2015

Gifts of Love

As the Scriptures say,  “They share freely and give generously to the poor.  Their good deeds will be remembered forever.”  2 Corinthians 9:9

What started as a little thought by Hillcrest Church in Hudsonville, MI to help the Afayo Project and St. Paul’s School, became a HUGE Container filled with clothes, school supplies, Bibles and GIFTS of LOVE!

Thank you Harlem Church for your gifts of LOVE!
This past month has been one of joy and physical energy organizing, sorting and getting items from the container ready for distribution.  Boxes and boxes of clothing and books will soon be in the hands of the community.

Shelving is being made and should be installed in the school Administration Building by the 1st of November.  Stories of animals, ABC’s & 123’s, planes, cars, mystery, fantasy, truth and fiction, teacher resources, will line those shelves.  This is a HUGE GIFT, like non other in any village.  We are so excited to be able to give them this gift and resource!

Two more cabinets for the classrooms have been put in place.  Now the teachers have a place to house their teaching supplies and books.  Thank you Hillcrest!

A group from Whitehall, MI collected more than 80 Disc’s for our kids at the school to enjoy.  Thank you Whitehall Disc Golf and Gavin Coker for this wonderful gift!  And Thank you Luke Vaughan for all your hard work making the baskets and the course a reality.   

Bible Studies have been tenderly continued and given by, Simon, Matt & Shelly while we were in the states.  They have established friendships and are sharing God’s love to this community.

Through our Bible studies we have all grown in our love for these families and their problems and sufferings.  They have become our families and their sufferings have become our sufferings.  Sickness and death are a daily struggle in this community.  Malaria, malnutrition, accidents and disease take a life way to often here.  Over the last year we have lost many in childbirth.  This week one of our young ladies safely delivered a precious baby girl.  Two days later we lost that little one.   So again we are grieving with them.  

This little guy needs your prayers.  His name is Benjamin he is 5 years old.  It was brought to our attention a week ago that they have been treating him for worms and it was not working.  We advised the family to take him for a scan and further testing.  The results determined he has a tumor in his belly about the size of a cantaloupe.  Without some intervention he will die.  So with much Team Effort, doctor visits, phone calls, transporting, housing him, and financial help, he is now in Kampala at a Cancer hospital waiting further diagnosis and some course of treatment.  Please keep him in prayers.   In this extremely difficult time, this family continues to display their hope and trust in God’s will, provisions and guidance for them and their little one. 

We rest in the fact that God LOVES and CARES for ALL.  He knows our needs, and He hears our pleas’.  We will continue to walk this path with those He has placed in our lives.  We are grateful and blessed by His continued provisions!  Thank you for your partnering with us in working for His Kingdom.

Love & Blessings from,