Sunday, January 31, 2016

Building a Solid Foundation

Together, we are his house, built on the Foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the Cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.       Ephesians 2:20

Building, building, building!  That is what this month has been; Physical building and Spiritual building. 

The 5th classroom has been completed!  A rain collecting water tank system has been installed at the school.  Water will not have to be hauled and carried everyday to the kitchen area.  Cooking for the school and washing hands for lunch has just become a better way for them. The foundation for the next 5 classrooms has been laid and the money for 3 new classrooms on that foundation has been given. 

A giant Thank you goes to many of our friends and church families in West MI.  Because of you, your prayers and financial help, building is happening!  Men of Naigobya are being put to work earning an income for their families. Some are learning new skills for the first time, others are skilled and able to use their gifts on this project!  Approximately 20 men have been digging and preparing the foundation; meticulously laying brick by brick without any modern line lasers, tools, etc.  They are building a foundation for future generations, a place to learn general education such as reading, science and math, a place to learn about God and His love for them, a place where they are taught that their foundation is found and built upon the rock, Jesus Christ.  For these people to see buildings going up and changes happening, it gives them HOPE.  They are not forgotten!  What a true blessing it is to be a part of this work God is doing in Naigobya!  Thank you for being a part of this work with us!

the Foundation for 5 new classrooms
The first Pastor Training class started this month.  Seven men and one woman completed the first part of a yearlong course study.  They met the difficult challenges given and discovered ways to Study Scripture thru: Observation - What does the text say?  Interpretation – What does the text mean? Application – What does the text mean to me?  Most of the students in this class have had very little Bible training, yet most are in positions of pastoring or leading in a church.  So, training like this is a valuable tool that will build a Solid Foundation. 

The Pastoral students were gifted with Study Bibles
Sarah just recieved New Reading Glasses.
She was so Excited to see her sewing Projects CLEARLY! 
Ten Advanced Sewing ladies have been sewing tirelessly, in full gear this whole month.  The women have completed 100 drawstring book bags to be given to students in the higher grades at St. Paul’s when the new school year begins in February.  They will be filled with pencils, paper, and rulers etc. that have been sent from YOU!  Students will be, as we say in Uganda, “Smart.”  They will be so proud to carry their papers in a “Smart” bag made just for them!

Serving the Savior with you!
Bruce & Janine