Saturday, October 1, 2016

Life is a Gift

I Praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works....Ps.139:14

My how the time flies!  It seem like we have only been back for a short while, but we head back to Uganda in a few weeks.  We are cherishing every moment with our family and friends!  

Welcome to the World Colten Paul!
Blessed Grandma!

Proud Sister Maddie!

We have been blessed with a large family, which now consists of six Grandchildren. We arrived in the states just in time to welcome our sixth little guy into the world, Colten Paul, 8lbs and 15 ounces, healthy and handsome as ever.  I am reluctant to hold infants for fear of breaking them, but Janine is in her glory when holding any child let alone our own grandson.  She always takes advantage of any opportunity to hold Colten and she is quick to take him from me before I panic.  Lol

I had the privilege of officiating my sister Michelle and Dan’s wedding.  They held the wedding off until we returned so I could be a part of it. What a blessing to me!  The first wedding I officiated was my sisters.  They are a beautiful couple that loves each other as much as they love the Lord. 
The wedding was a great time to catch up with a large amount of family members.  Some of them I have not seen for a couple of years.  Even though two years has passed no one seems to look any older.  The Lord has blessed our family with good health and financial stability.  God is Good!
We had a Great time Labor Day celebrating with our Kids,  Grandchildren, Sisters and families and Janine's Parents!
We had an open house on September 17th to show our appreciation to those who support and follow the work we are doing in Naigobya and to share God’s accomplishments. We both were able to catch up with so many during the party and see many of the wonderful people we have missed.

We realize that not everyone is able to make such events, but we truly appreciate and thank those who did make it!  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen to our report and for lifting us up with words of encouragement and prayers!

Janine brought back a large quantity of products made by the women she is training in Naigobya.  The products are made by two different groups of vocational training.  A large amount of the products were from the tailoring group or the sewing group.  The sewing group produced aprons, table runners, variety of handbags and book bags.  The beading group produced a large variety of bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  Through sales at our open house and visiting a couple churches she has raised $2000 to put back into the women’s projects. The proceeds from the sales will be used for tools and items the ladies need to continue their training.

The women started a new project a few weeks before we left Uganda making reusable feminine Pads. This product is unheard of in the village, but is very necessary.  The women in the village are in need of them and the girls in the school will benefit as well.  The girls who attend St. Paul and all other schools will miss a good week of school due to the fact they have no protection during their monthly cycle.  

Janine is using the proceeds earned from the open house sales to buy more materials for the pads and to pay a wage to the six women that are making the pads.  Since this is a new thing for this whole community, we will be introducing this product, teaching about hygiene, and giving the first 360 pads away to women in our Bible studies and to the girls at St. Paul Primary Learning Centre.  After the product is distributed to St. Paul it will then be sold at a very low cost to the surrounding schools and women of the community and other villages.  This can become a very good business for these women.   This is another example of sustainability and a simple fix to a Big Problem in Uganda.   Again, God is Good!

So Proud of these Amazing women and what they are accomplishing because they are giving their all and striving to be like Jesus!
Mirabu (L) Leads Beading and Bible Studies
Sylvia (R) Our Women's Ministry Leader,
Sewing Ladies Leader & Bible study leader.

Mirabu has suffered great loss, but Now she is filled
with a Renewed Hope and shares her
Light and Smile with everyone around her!

If you would like to help Support and contribute to the Pad Project, Janine is still selling: aprons, bags, table runners, jewelry etc. for the next couple weeks while we are still in the states.  (they would make great Christmas gifts!) Just contact us via email,
Or financial donations can be sent to: EVERYCHILD MINISTRIES  PO Box 810,  Hebron, IN  46341     
along with a note attached stating it is for “Afayo - Pad Project”.

I would like to end with some of my thoughts.  Who left the refrigerator door open?  I used to love these temperatures here in Michigan, but now I find them quite uncomfortable.  I simply refuse to wear socks and shoes, but I am beginning to think I will lose this battle.  I do love the fall and the beauty it provides. 

Because He Lives!

Bruce & Janine