Wednesday, April 5, 2017

January Ministy Happenings

We want to thank you for your generosity!  A friend from home has funded the building of a medium size chicken house.  This house will be used to raise chickens from approximately 1 pound in weight.  They will be kept until they reach approximately 3 to 4 pounds in weight to resell them at a profit.  We will also look into selling eggs.  We will stick with which ever is most profitable.  The profits will go towards buying more chickens, food and the caretaker.  The rest will be given to St. Paul’S Learning Centre for Orphan Scholarships.  We started with 120 chickens and will increase in number each 3 months when they are sold. Sustainability!

We have completed the Pastoral Training!!  The training ended the second week of December.  The last two classes were Pastoral Leadership and Church Planting.  The men worked so hard all year and were very dedicated in attendance and in their working to complete the class and the field assignments.  We started with 7 and ended with 5.  We are so proud of them for what they have accomplished and for their willingness to serve God in growing the kingdom of Heaven.

The training was independent of the Church of Uganda, but we worked in partnership with the leadership of the Church of Uganda.  Bruce worked with Reverend George Mpande from the Busoga University through out the year to let him know what he was teaching and how the training was going.  It was very important to the men to have George sign their Certificate.  George attended the ceremony and celebrated with them as they received their certificates.
These men now know how important it is for them to share their training with others.  Not all trainees will become pastors, but all who are trained will learn the responsibility of making disciples and multiplying leaders and churches.