Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ugandans leading Ugandans!

Thank you for your partnership with us in the work that has been taking place in the village of Naigobya, Uganda!

We started handing over this ministry to the Ugandans almost a year ago.

Let us reassure you that the ministry in Naigobya, the Afayo Project is in good hands with our coworker Simon now directing and overseeing the key people we left in place to run specific ministries. 

  • The school is running well with key leadership in place and a strong management committee  
  • Pastors are leading in the Truth
  • Bible Studies are continuing with Godly leaders in place. 
  • Women's beading crafts continue and are being sold in local markets
  • The sewing ladies are employed thru 2018 making Pads to distribute to area school girls 

We left enough money in the Afayo Budget to support Simon and these ministries until the end of 2018.  We will continue to be a part of Naigobya to encourage Simon and the community through bimonthly phone calls and emails.   At the end of 2018 Simon and the women's ministries should be able to switch from handing out feminine products to starting micro businesses.  If we can raise enough additional support we plan on making a trip back to Naigobya, Uganda sometime in the end of 2018 to check on the progress and to again love on our family there.

We feel so blessed to have been placed in Naigobya and were a part of God's Amazing Love and plan for this community!  He transformed this village and gave them His Love and a Hope!  Please continue to lift this community up in Prayer with us as they continue to walk in the new life they have found in Christ.  God's not Finished with Naigobya yet! Nor with us as we move to the Dominican Republic to minister to the lost there.  

We love you Naigobya!