Our Vision

1 Peter 5:7 “He cares for you affectionately, and cares about you watchfully.”

Afayo (ah-figh-yo) means "He cares" in Lusoga.  God cares for orphans and widows.  He cares for the poor, the desperate, the needy, those in pain.  He cares for all of us.  Just as importantly, he desires for us to care as well, for it is we who will take the good news of Jesus to the world.  It is we who must be willing to follow God into the homes of the broken to bring hope to the hopeless.

God cares.  We do too.

That's why The Afayo Project was started.  We are compelled to do something relevant to help the poorest of the poor, the neediest of the needy.  Afayo uses village schools as an avenue for reaching out to communities with the love of Jesus.  Through the school we can reach out not only to the teachers and students, but also to the church, the parents, the orphans, village leadership, and ultimately the entire community.

Our vision is to develop a Christ-centered, self-sustaining community 
where multiple generations thrive by living life together.

Our mission is to provide spiritual development, community empowerment, teacher training, and agricultural education in partnership with the Naigobya community of Uganda.

1.  Spiritual Development.  At the heart of everything we do is the good news that Jesus died for each of us, and that we can enjoy eternity in God's presence. To share that message most effectively, we interweave it into everything we do.  You'll see it in our community work, our teacher training, our relationship building, and even in our farming!

2.  Community Empowerment and Self-Sustainability.   By working with the students, teachers, and families, we begin to sense the needs of the community. Vocational training such as sewing, beading and woodworking are in place.  Learning skills and understanding their God given potential will  empower them to succeed and bring Hope.

3.  Teacher Training. Few national teachers receive training in how to integrate their faith into their teaching.  Many also lack solid training in teaching methodology.  By helping teachers to grow professionally and in their ability to apply their faith to their teaching, we significantly improve the chance that children will hear the gospel as they also succeed academically.

4.  Agricultural Education (using Farming God's Way).  Traditional farming techniques have proven over and over again to be ineffective and insufficient.  But making changes to "the way it has always been done" is not easy!  FGW provides a biblically based, proven farming method for poverty-stricken farmers in Africa.  We begin by using FGW gardens to help grow enough food to feed the children of the school (to improve self-sustainability).  Teachers and students hear the gospel as they learn the new farming techniques, which they then put into practice in the school gardens.  We then teach FGW to church and community members who have shown interest, and follow up with home visits to their gardens to help them fully implement what they have learned.

5. Orphan Care.  "For in You the fatherless find compassion" Hosea 14:3  By working together with Orphans and their caregivers we can assist with school fees, physical needs like clothes, formula etc.  But most importantly help them realize and believe they are created for a purpose and loved by God.